You own one or more branded Swiss watches that are amongst your most treasured possessions !

Consider that one of these stops working, suffers an accident (e.g. broken glass) or simply needs servicing.

You then discover that, despite the fact that you are the owner of that watch, you are not free to decide where and by whom you will have it repaired !

Indeed, for a while now, the main Swiss Brands have adopted a new policy : they no longer supply independent watch repairers with spare parts. This means that the customer (you) is forced to go back to the Brand itself (trough an official Agent shop) to get the watch repaired.

You then suffer the delay and pay the price dictated by the official workshop, which could even refuse to repair the watch if they consider it to be too old. Your watch will be sent at your expense (and maybe even risk?), in most cases without you having been told, to the central workshop of the Brand, which is sometimes even abroad. The work will often include items for which you have not asked, but must pay, such as a new dial, new hands …

So, either the work is carried out under terms over which you have no control or choice, or the watch becomes irreparable.

Free competition no longer exists and the Brands have no respect for the confidence you have in your usual qualified watchmaker !

Our European Confederation has made an official complaint to the European Commission about this matter and the restricted practices that ensue.

If like us, you find this situation unacceptable, please express your opinion against this monopoly that affects you as a consumer, by adding your name on this petition.

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